Conference Translation and Interpretation

At Arabizer, we have established an impeccable one-stop full suite of services to fulfill all your language-related requirements and needs when organizing a conference. We offer everything you demand to make your comprehensive conferences and meetings productive, effective, and efficacious across languages. We will appoint a manager to analyze your needs and work with your conference planning manager to guarantee that your conference runs efficiently and achieves its objectives, and provide the following services:
• Interpretation services including simultaneous interpretation for large-scale meetings, consecutive interpretation for smaller groups, and whispered and escort interpretation for individuals
• Document translation for conference materials
• Audio transcription for meetings, lectures, and discussions
Our services are not limited to the event of the conference itself. It also extends to cover all the services needed before and after the event. We offer translation for all the documents required for the organization including summaries, lists, name tags, flyers, brochures, banners etc… we also provide all the printed advertising material pens, notebooks, etc… At the closure of the conference, we continue with you to transcribe, translate, edit, typeset, and print all the events in the format of your choice. We have the ultimate integrated solution for all your requirements.