Desktop Publishing, Typesetting, and Printing (DTP)

At Arabizer, we are aware that imagery is a very important tool for human perception. Inquiries in this field demonstrate that the majority of visual information gets more attention than textual content. That is why we offer our specialized desktop publishing solutions to complement the visual elements of written translation.
With us, you can profit from our graphic design specialists and desktop publishing experts to provide you with prompt and high-quality services at the best prices. Books, brochures, and user manuals that have their own visual design requirements will be transferred into the digital setting, organized for all visual processes, such as preparing pages for translation, dimensioning images, charts and other of graphics, and preparing translations in the same format in the target language, and then your completed translations will be ready for printing and performs final visual checks.
We provide all your translations in their original format whether you need them in printed or digital form, because we know when you operate in the international marketplace, it is significant to produce your content in the same format in all languages. We also offer our desktop publishing independently of our translation solutions where you our talented designers take your text, images, charts and other graphics and create contemporary brochures, leaflets, adverts, product manuals and more. You can profit too from our full service with our professional printing services for printed documents.