Machine Translations Post-Editing (MTPE)

At Arabizer, we believe a skilled professional translator cannot be replaced by machine translation, but we also believe that it wouldn’t be cost-effective to translate particularly large volumes of documents, especially when there time is limited and machine translation may be one solution for this task. However, the quality of unprocessed machine translation varies, and is determined by the volume and value of the data loaded into the translation engine and the frequency of its use.
Because of the countless variations, machine translations are not able yet, and probably never will be, to apply the precise translation in every case, and here where we can help. Our duty is to assist you to obtain an extremely trustworthy translation output when employing machine translation by providing the indispensable human post-editing, especially when quality expectation for the translation is high.
Our expert post-editor team, which is particularly competent to post-edit machine-generated translations, will use their expert in automated and machine translation to edit and improve the text to be correct, expressive, of quality, and natural, adding the valuable human touch. In addition, they will supply you with that indispensible data to add it to your translation memory to develop the efficiency and accuracy of the machine translation output for future projects.