At Arabizer, we provide leading quality, 100% human transcription services that will fulfill your needs no matter what type of business you run. You can benefit from our services in transcribing academic research and articles, dissertations, interviews, journalists’ reports, forums, seminars, webinars, speeches, meeting, teleconferences and important telephone conversations, dictations, and script correspondence. Whenever you are you have significant audio information or need to review a conversation later, our transcription services ensures that you won’t overlook any meaningful elements of the recorded audio.
You can also benefit from our high quality transcription services in transcribing your videos, as videos by themselves don’t count in terms of SEO. Spoken words inside your video or audio file don’t make sense to a web crawler so you will need to add searchable content to your site . As transcriptions can be crawled and indexed, publishing a transcript for videos can boost your SEO, and get ranked higher on search engines. In addition, you will strengthen the content of your podcast by permitting listeners to follow along and improve your rankings considerably.
Our team of qualified transcriptionists is ready to precisely convert your audio to text as soon as you submit your order. To guarantee high accuracy every time, no matter how complicated the recording is, we carefully select all our transcribers to ensure they can understand the author’s intended meaning, decode unclear speech, and are well-versed in grammar and punctuation.